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Orthodontics for Health as well as Beauty

Dr Andrew Molloy of Rochedale Dental Group, is committed to a conservative approach to dental treatment. This means he places a strong emphasis on preventative dental care. He sees Orthodontic treatment as an important part of preventative dental care, whose main goal is to give patients a good bite with strong, healthy teeth.

A good bite is achieved when the teeth are straight and when they mesh well with the teeth in the opposite jaw. Orthodontic treatment can be an important part of the ongoing process to ensure the health and longevity of your teeth.

Not Just Cosmetic
Many people believe that orthodontic treatment is an expensive cosmetic procedure, but this is not the case. If you have poorly aligned teeth, you have a defective bite, and this makes you more prone to gum disease, tooth decay and unnecessary wearing of the teeth. This, in turn, can lead to headaches, jaw pain and even bone disease.

It’s no wonder that the Orthodontics dentists at Rochedale Dental became passionate about the subject when we spoke with them. The problem of crooked teeth can be easily and effectively addressed with modern dentistry.

Even the Process is Beautiful
Aware of the embarrassment that can go hand-in-hand with a teenage mouthful of metal, orthodontic treatment has become increasingly subtle. No longer the ‘metal-mouth’ look with chunky metal attachments welded onto teeth and protruding wires.

Today’s braces are usually made of a clear ceramic material that is almost invisible. They are very strong, do not stain the teeth, and blend to the extent that it’s not immediately obvious that the person is wearing braces.

After the braces themselves have done their work of straightening and aligning your teeth, you are usually fitted with retainers that are completely invisible because they are bonded onto the insides (the backs) of your teeth. These will further protect your newly-aligned teeth.

Realigning for a Happy Mouth
In around 18 months, and less for some people, you will have well-aligned teeth that not only improve your appearance, but will give you a healthier mouth. You will be less prone to a range of other dental problems and will have eliminated one common cause of headaches.

The boost in self-confidence is not just cosmetic. Even dental hygiene can be dramatically improved by having straight, well-aligned teeth.

Dr Andrew Molloy is passionate about the importance of high-quality orthodontic work as part of general dental health. A consultation will determine the extent of your problem – whether it’s crooked teeth, poorly aligned upper and lower teeth, or other problems resulting in a bad bite. To find out how orthodontic treatment could help you, call 07 3341 4344 or visit