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Straight Teeth: a Social and a Health Asset

Did you know that crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, an overbite or underbite actually contribute to tooth decay, abnormal tooth wearing and even gum and bone disease, headaches and jaw pain? Braces, whether for growing adolescents or adults, are an investment in good health as well as optimum appearance.

Misery is a Thing of the Past
When braces meant a mouth full of unsightly, painful metal and wire, it’s understandable that a person would hesitate before committing to many months of misery.

However, Dr Molloy at Rochedale Dental Group, says that metal braces and all their painful appendages, are a thing of the past. Dr Molloy dentist and orthodontics uses mainly ceramic braces, which are made of a clear material, are very strong and generally do not stain the teeth. This makes them quite unobtrusive and almost invisible.

Coaxing your Teeth
The process of correcting poor dental alignment can take around 12 to 18 months. Dr Molloy prefers to examine your particular situation before determining approximately how long the process will take. The process is determined by the state of your teeth, the particular requirements for straightening and aligning, even your gums and bone structure.

You will attend consultations approximately monthly where your progress is checked, the braces are tightened and the bands and wires changed. This is what gradually coaxes the teeth into the correct position.

Also For Adults
With ceramic braces, Dr Molloy says adults who didn’t have the opportunity to have their teeth straightened as adolescents, can now address the dental problems caused by crooked teeth and improve their smile without the misery that goes with metal braces.

Because the ceramic braces blend into the colour of the teeth, it’s common for people not to notice you have braces. And because they’re not as obtrusive, they don’t have the negative impact on your speech that the large ‘clunky’ metal braces do.

The Process
Dr Molloy advocates a full dental check and assessment before deciding for braces. Both adolescents and adults need to understand the process and be committed to it. They need to have a clear vision for the result and keep that in mind during the months it takes to achieve it.

It’s also important to maintain excellent dental hygiene during the process. Caring for your teeth while you have braces takes a little longer than normal, but the results are well worth it.

To learn more about Rochelade Dental’s ceramic braces, visit or call 07 3341 4344 to book a consultation with Dr Molloy.