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Not Born With a Perfect Smile? It's Now within Your Reach

Some people are lucky enough to have a naturally beautiful, engaging smile complete with white, straight teeth in perfect proportion to their mouths. Unfortunately, many of us were behind a tree when perfect teeth were being handed out, to coin a phrase. In the past, this was difficult to correct without spending lots of money, and travelling long distances to find a skilled cosmetic dentist who could perform such work. Now the perfect smile is within reach and the field of cosmetic dentistry is expanding and generating some astonishing results.

So just what is the perfect smile? Is there a definition or is it something that, like other aspects of beauty, is in the eye of the beholder? Actually, a perfect smile is like a perfect picture and is created when three things are in harmony – the lips that form the frame, the gums that are the border inside the frame and the teeth that are the picture itself. In conjunction with the facial expressions, they form the perfect smile.

A Perfect Smile Requires Harmony within a Number of Factors

When we check out our natural smile in a mirror, we don’t realise it but we are usually looking at only the upper and lower six front teeth. However, the perfect smile requires the upper and lower twelve front teeth to be in harmony with the gums, lips and facial expression. This is not only looking at the face frontally but from the side as well. This makes cosmetic smile design a little more complicated than just straightening up a couple of front teeth, which is why dentists who do this well are in such high demand.

Modern orthodontics has allowed most children with very crooked or displaced teeth to have these corrected during childhood and adolescence. However, these techniques were not generally available to previous generations, and many adults in their 40’s and 50’s are now taking advantage of new developments in cosmetic dentistry to have their smiles redesigned.

Photographic and Dental Records Establish Facial Proportions

The perfect smile is planned using dental and photographic records and taking account of the facial proportions and symmetry. A composite mock-up is made and placed on the patient’s existing teeth to check the proportions and assess the overall result. This is done before any cosmetic dental procedure and any adjustments are made at the mock-up stage. When the patient is satisfied that this will give them their perfect smile, the dental procedures are then commenced.

The final result is a smile that is perfectly framed by the mouth and in correct proportion to the rest of the face. Taking the time to assess and balance these proportions is the key to creating a smile that looks natural and helps to increase confidence and self-esteem. The skills and technology are now readily available to create this perfect smile.