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New year, new you!

Break bad habits to improve your dental hygiene in 2013

The New Year... it's a time when people around the world make resolutions for change. They promise themselves that they will eat healthier, join the gym, exercise more, shed pounds off their bodies and make healthier choices. Though, nine times out of ten, these promises never stick.

The interesting thing is that health-related New Year resolutions can go beyond diet and physical exercise. Your teeth form part of your overall wellbeing, too. So why don't you make it a New Year's resolution to look after your teeth? After all, it's not a very hard resolution to see through if you're willing to put a bit of effort in.

Improve your dental hygiene by breaking these bad habits in the New Year year:

1. Don't skip visits to the dentist
It is recommended that patients visit their dentist for a dental assessment every six months. They're opportunities for your local dentist to examine your teeth and mouth and identify any problems as early as possible if any are present. Since it's the New Year and you've probably consumed a month's worth of candy canes, it's an optimal time to check the status of your dental hygiene and receive a professional clean. And if anything has gone wrong, you have a chance to correct it.

2. Commit to a regular dental routine
Along with brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day, it's important to combine flossing into the mix. Flossing prevents plaque build-up by removing left-behind food particles that may be stuck between teeth and gums. A sufficient clean maintains oral hygiene and flossing will fight bacteria growth and periodontal disease.

3. Cut down on sugars
Reducing your sugar intake doesn't mean you have to give up your favourite treats for good. It just means that you're not going to have as many. Food and drink that are high in sugar can damage your teeth enamel and cause cavities. So go easy on lollies, soft drinks and sugary juices. It also helps to brush after you have consumed sugar.

4. Eat healthier
Not only will eating more vegetables and fruit make it easier to meet your health goals but it can help to remove plaque. Crunchy vegies brush off plaque from teeth when chewed. They also contain less sugar compared to processed foods.