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Looking After your Teeth is Important to Mental Health

Teeth are an important part of the body; they not only help us chew our food, they also give us a sense of being whole. When you lose teeth it can leave you feeling depleted emotionally and this can lead to depression if you don’t get the teeth repaired or replaced. Our teeth show behind our smile and everyone loves to see a smiling face. There is no better feeling then knowing when you smile and show your teeth that they are all there.

Unfortunately for some people, having no teeth stops them from smiling out of sheer embarrassment. It can be an emotionally challenging feeling not to have teeth; this in turn, can lead to all sorts of emotional and mental problems. Thankfully, these days, there are some wonderful dentists and dental technicians who can fix your teeth with as little pain as possible.

A study by several Australian Universities shows that families in low social, economic regions are most at risk of neglecting their dental health due to racial discrimination, poor education, income and housing as well as substance abuse and cultural knowledge. All of these are risk factors to the emotional and mental wellbeing of people in these positions. With dental problems that they face it can wear down on their ability to socialise because of the awareness of the condition of their teeth.

A visit to the dentist can bring on stress and anxiety, even fear because of previous experiences with some not so great dentists. There are good dentists out there though that are gentle and understand about anxiety and fear issues. They have nitrous oxide (better known as laughing gas) along with a local anaesthesia, which can make a visit to the dentist a much better experience overall. The word 'dentist' should no longer be met with anxiety and fear with all the technology now available, thus making your visit to the dentist that much more comfortable and less painful.

Pay a visit to a dentist as soon as possible. If you have problems with your teeth, there is much that a dentist can do to improve your smile. There is anything from a filling to dental implants, as well as many other great services available to keep your teeth clean, white and healthy. The dentist's surgery is no longer a place to avoid; they understand your fears and treat you in a professional and caring manner, which provides you with the confidence to continue with the ongoing care that your teeth need.