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Healthy Gums Equal Healthy Teeth

Healthy teeth need a healthy environment, and that includes your gums. Poor gum health can be the cause of many dental problems. Healthy gums support your teeth, are pink in appearance, and hold your teeth securely in place. Other tissues necessary for dental health include the periodontal ligaments and the tooth sockets (or alveolar bone).

Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gums, which destroys the tissues mentioned above. The early stage of Periodontal Disease is usually manifests as gingivitis, seen as red, swollen or puffy gums. Gingivitis is caused by plaque deposits on your teeth. Plaque is a real threat to dental health; it is made up of food particles and bacteria mucus that attach to the surface of the teeth. Plaque that is not removed becomes tartar, a hard deposit that collects where the tooth meets the gum. Not only is it a major cause of tooth decay; both plaque and tartar can produce irritated and inflamed dentists gums, which will become infected, tender and swollen.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

You know your have Periodontal Disease if your gums bleed with very light brushing and if they are swollen and tender to touch. Gums that are bright red or purple rather than healthy pink and shiny in appearance are likely to be affected by Periodontal Disease, and it’s possible you might also develop mouth sores. Don’t wait for them to become painful, as Peridontal Disease does not usually produce a great deal of pain.

The Rochedale Dental Group believes any sign of gingivitis should be treated as early as possible. The dentists at Rochedale point out that simple early treatment can prevent the serious effects of more advanced Periodontal Disease (Periodontitis), such as gum and bone recession and eventual tooth loss. The dangerous bacteria produced by Periodontitis doesn’t stay in the mouth, but burrows deep into the soft tissues of the mouth and gums and gets to the point where it starts to attack the ligaments and bone that are critical to supporting your jaw and teeth.

Preventing Periodontal Disease

Rochedale Dental Group has a preventative program designed to ensure that no patient experiences Periodontitis. This includes regular checks and assistance with a personal preventative care program.

A preventative care program includes brushing at least twice a day, and preferably after every meal. It also includes flossing at least once per day. The dentists and hygienists at Rochedale Dental Clinic can show you how to brush and floss effectively to avoid any build up of plaque and tartar.

Some people are prone to plaque deposits. This may be a genetic predisposition; but there are things your dentist can recommend, including special toothpicks, toothbrushes or water irrigation. These go hand in hand with careful brushing and flossing. Learn more about Periodontal Disease or book an appointment to health-check your gums at