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Fresh Breath and Some Causes as to Why We Don’t Have It

From time to time our breath may not be as fresh as we would like. Bad breath otherwise known as halitosis can be a source of embarrassment for the offender and a significant discomfort for others. “Morning breath” around the breakfast table after a big night or sitting next to someone (the only seat) on the bus or train where every word spoken there is a foul odour from their mouth.

No one likes bad breath, but for some it can be a daily problem leading to lack of confidence in public or the workplace, source of embarrassment and even loss of intimacy. Would you know, if a partner, family member, or friends are too kind to comment?

The most common cause of bad breath is an overgrowth of odour-producing bacteria in the mouth, particularly anaerobic bacteria that produce volatile sulphur compounds (like rotten-egg gas). However, underlying health conditions such as dental infections, and medical problems related to the nose, nasopharynx and sinuses are also known to cause halitosis.

Sometimes, lifestyle and other health issues can influence not only the severity of one’s bad breath, but also treatment choices and its success. Poor oral health habits where food debris remains leads to an unhygienic month due to bacterial growth on the teeth, gums and tongue. A diet high in foods with strong odours, such as onions and garlic that contain pungent oils which absorbed into the blood stream and are expelled via the lungs. Smoking, alcohol, snoring, chronic mouth-breathing, and xerostomia (a dry mouth) can also contribute to bad breath. Many medications can cause xerostomia by reducing saliva flow in the mouth, these drugs include analgesics, antidepressants, and antihypertensives.

The cause of bad breath/halitosis is often multi-factorial and as such there is no one-off quick fix to cure bad breath. Treating of one’s bad breath is specific and personalized, based on detailed assessment of the individual including bad breath history, medical, dietary and lifestyles factors.

If you are concerned about your breath or, simply want to know how to maintain a healthy fresh breath, please schedule a Fresh Breath Consultation with one of our therapists and dentists to finds out how we can help you. Our Fresh Breath Clinic, at Rochedale Dental Group can provide you a comfortable environment in which you can have your Fresh Breath requirements effectively and conveniently met.

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