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  • Fillings are commonly used to treat cavities caused by tooth decay.
  • Previously amalgam fillings (fillings silver or grey in appearance) were the common solution.
  • Dentistry has progressed and now new materials are being used.
  • We only use strong, aesthetically pleasing tooth coloured fillings. The filling material is matched to the exact shade of your tooth.
  • The filling is only noticeable to a trained eye.
  • A filling is a simple procedure. The time it takes to fill a tooth depends on the size of the cavity.
  • If required, the tooth can be easily anaesthetised.
  • In some cases, fillings can be used to change the colour or shape of the teeth to improve their appearance.

Should amalgam fillings be replaced? 

Deciding to have your amalgam fillings replaced is your choice and should be made in consultation with your dentist. Having your amalgam fillings replaced can create a pleasing aesthetic result.

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