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FAQ - Emergency Questions Answered

View MoreWhat should I do if a tooth is knocked out?

  • Carefully find the tooth, handle it by the crown only (not the root) and ensure it is clean. The crown is the white part of the tooth that is normally visible in the mouth.
  • If the root is dirty, and the patient is calm and conscious, they can gently suck the tooth clean. Alternatively, rinse the tooth in milk or saline or very briefly, in water.
  • Immediately replant the tooth in the socket making sure the tooth is facing the right way around. Time is critical and immediate replacement is best, but should ideally not be delayed beyond 30 minutes.
  • Hold the tooth in place. Aluminum foil may be used to help stabilise the tooth, or the patient can bite gently on gauze or a soft cloth.
  • If you are unable to replant the tooth, keep it moist by putting it in a cup of milk or saline, sealing it in plastic wrap or placing it in the patient's mouth next to the cheek, if the patient is able to do so.
  • Seek immediate dental treatment - TIME IS CRITICAL.

Points to remember:

  • Do not hold the tooth by the root surface.
  • Do not scrape or rub the root surface.
  • Do not let the tooth dry out.
  • Do not put the tooth in ice.
  • Avoid rinsing or storing the tooth in water

View MoreI have a broken tooth - what do I do?

  • A cracked or broken tooth should be rinsed immediately with warm water.
  • Call Rochedale Dental Group on 3341 4344 to arrange an appointment.
  • Then hold a cold compress against the affected tooth to reduce swelling.

View MoreMy temporary crown has fallen out

There is no need to panic if a temporary crown has fallen out.

  • Apply a small dab of toothpaste to the temporary and reattach it.
  • If the temporary crown will not sit over the tooth securely take it out wrap it to keep it safe.
  • Contact Rochedale Dental Group at your earliest convenience on 3341 4344.
  • An appointment will be made to replace the temporary crown free of charge.

View MoreI think I have a broken jaw

  • If you think your jaw may be broken, apply a cold compress and proceed to your local medical emergency centre immediately.
  • If you have damaged teeth during your injury, please call us as well on 3341 4344.

View MoreI have a severe toothache

  • Rinse your mouth and the area around the tooth, then floss around the tooth to make sure that debris is not causing the pain.
  • Do not put an aspirin on the tooth because it can damage your gum tissue.
  • Call our office for an appointment if the pain persists.

View MoreI have something caught between my teeth

  • Use dental floss to gently remove the debris, and be sure that you don't cut your gums with the floss.
  • Do not use a sharp instrument to dislodge the debris.
  • If floss doesn't help, call our office for an appointment.

View MoreLost orthodontic brackets

  • Should you lose a bracket and are aware of an upcoming appointment it is ok to leave the bracket off till your next adjustment visit.
  • If you have lost multiple brackets and it is more than 2 weeks till your next visit call the surgery to have the lost brackets re-cemented.

View MoreOrthodontic wires sticking out

  • If you can place the wire back into the orthodontic bracket do so.
  • If you are unable to replace the wire call the surgery so we can slip it back into place.