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Dr Greg Thomas

About Dr Thomas

Upon finishing school in Brisbane, Dr Thomas’ first desire was to become a "real scientist". He completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in biochemistry and a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in the field on medical neuroscience. He went back and completed a further degree graduating with Honours from the School of Dentistry at the University of Queensland. Focused on building a career in Dentistry, Dr Thomas moulded his craft and has combined oral health with total body well being. He is very well regarded within the dental industry and is constantly seen perfecting the "perfect smile" for many of his patients. He is passionate about preventive long term oral health and specialises in minimal intervention dentistry, family dental health, jaw problems (TMD) and sleep disorders, oro-facial and head/neck development and its influence on dental and general health, and Invisalign.

Dr Thomas' Patient Stories

Invisalign Patient Story

Invisalign, the clear alternative to straighten teeth and create a pleasing happy smile.

Invisalign is a virginally invisible orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth and create that perfect smile that you always wanted. However, the advantages of the Invisalign procedure over tradition braces do not stop there. In this modern world, orthodontic dental treatment can impact on one’s work, time and lifestyle. It is increasingly more common that one’s work involves travel either throughout Australia or overseas and being mobile and flexible to travel is often requirement of modern working life. However, Tradition Braces especially for an adult can locality tied you the your dentist or orthodontist during the period of treatment (average period 2 year and possibly longer), and as well impact on appearance, communication and social/work relationships.

Invisalign aligners however, have a relatively minimal impact one’s lifestyle by their virginal invisibility and the removability of the aligners There is no change in diet (or difficult eating many food as with braces), social activity, and work lifestyle which may involve travel. With Invisalign these obstacles disappear.

Take Nathan*, a young man recently married and embarrassed about his narrow smile with crowded twisted front teeth. His work, in the mining industry involve long periods of up to 4 to 8 week in outback Western Australia, where there is minimal dental care available and specially no orthodontic care. The Invisalign treatment to straighten his teeth took a little more than 12 months and the view dental appointment were able to be easily schedule around his work commitment when he was back in town.

The power of Invisalign is in the series of sequential aligners to continuously and gently move the teeth to their desired position. At each view appointment (ideally every 6 week) we were able to issue the required number of sequential aligners for his time away in Western Australia or even when he went on holidays to Canada. As such treatment was not delayed and continuous. Traditional braces however regularly have problems of bracket debond/loss, and wire damage which can significantly lengthen treatment time especially when you are unable to seek dental help in remote locations.

Needless to say Nathan and his wife are very happy with new smile.

For more in information on Invisalign Orthodontics see RDG info sheet. Links to info (include photo of Invisalign aligners and person)

If you are interested in what Invisalign can do for you, please contact Dr Greg Thomas at Rochedale Dental Group 3341 4344 . No obligation free Invisalign consultation.

* Name changed




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