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Anxious Patients

Rochedale Dental Group always strives to offer our treatment in a comfortable, relaxed manner with as little pain as possible. We also understand that many patients may have had a previously bad or invasive experience with a dentist and consequently experience fear and anxiety when undergoing dental work. For this reason we offer local anaesthetics happy gas to help reduce any anxiety you may experience and help ensure your visit is a pleasant experience.

Happy Gas

Happy gas is a safe and easy solution for patients of any age who experience anxiety or fear at the dentist. It's a sedation technique administered through inhaling odourless, colourless gas. After a few deep breathes, patients will experience feelings of acute joy or deep relaxation allowing them to undergo treatment without anxiety or fear.

After a few deep breathes of fresh air following treatment, all effects will cease with no lasting side effects.

Happpy gas is a safe, easy treatment option for adults and children alike.

Local Anaesthetics

Our experienced team use local anaesthetics to ease any pain that may be caused during treatments. The benefits of Local Anaesthetics is there are no lingering side effects and they allow you to remain awake during your treatment to ensure that it is completed in a more timely manner.

Twilight Sedation

What is twilight sedation?

For patients who suffer from extreme anxiety or crippling nervousness when visiting the dentist, twilight sedation (also known as conscious sedation or sleep dentistry) may be used to reduce anxiety and relax the patient. It sounds like a big procedure, but in reality is very straightforward.

Unlike the name suggests, you're not actually put to sleep during twilight sedation. Rather, a mild dose of anaesthetic and pain blocking drugs is administered, which induces an extremely relaxed and sedative state - a 'twilight state'. You remain completely awake, conscious and aware, but will feel very relaxed and free from anxiety.

What are the advantages of twilight sedation?

Twilight sedation is a very safe procedure and doesn't require an anaesthesiologist. In most cases, a fully trained and accredited dentist or dental nurse will administer the drug. Unlike a general anaesthetic, twilight sedation doesn't require ventilation and the recovery time is far quicker - you will usually be able to return home within one to two hours of the procedure. It's also a much cheaper option than general anaesthesia.

Some patients find that they can't remember what happened during the procedure, but this is a completely normal response to this type of sedation.

When is twilight sedation used?

Twilight sedation can be used for a variety of minor surgical procedures. Dentists most often employ it when performing major dental prosthetic work or reconstructive surgery, particularly treatments involving a lot of work on the jawbone.

Is it dangerous?

Twilight sedation is a perfectly safe procedure. However, because there are risks involved in any form of surgical treatment, only qualified dentists and nurses are permitted to offer the service and only under strict conditions.