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Anxious Patients Have Their Fears Allayed by Experienced Dentists

Despite the major advances in modern dentistry that have made most treatments virtually pain-free, many people still experience anxiety and fear when confronted with a visit to a dentist. For older people who grew up in an era where techniques were not as comfortable as they are today, just the thought of being in that situation has their hearts racing, even though they know those days are over. Their logical brain tells them that their treatment experience will be pleasant and relaxed, but their emotional response is completely the opposite.

Even some younger people who have never experienced pain or extreme discomfort during a dental treatment can be apprehensive. This is usually because they lack coping skills in stressful situations, and a dental treatment is not the only time they become anxious or fearful. They may have absolute confidence in their regular, popular dentist but have no control over their anxiety responses.

Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety in the Chair

The staff at Rochedale Dental are experienced at putting anxious patients at ease and they understand that this level of apprehension is not directed at them personally, but is just a normal reaction for some patients to situations they find stressful. Typical signs or symptoms are an elevated heart rate, sweaty palms, hands gripping the armrests and, in extreme cases, shaking. The patients may also have exaggerated breathing if they are using this technique to gain control of their responses.

No Side Effects – Choice of Pain Relief

There are two pain management methods offered to patients that are safe to use and leave no side effects. Nitrous oxide is suitable for all ages, is very reliable and easy to administer and has been used for many years around the world for pain relief during dental procedures. The patient inhales this odourless, colourless gas and after a few deep breaths, experiences feelings of deep relaxation or happiness, hence the name 'happy gas'. Their treatment is completed without anxiety and the effects cease immediately they breathe fresh air.

The other option is the use of a local anaesthetic directly to the area to be treated. This numbs the whole area and allows the treatment to progress quickly and without pain. The patient remains awake and alert throughout the procedure and at the completion, is able to stand and walk immediately. There are no side effects except for a little numbness that wears off quickly. Experienced dentists are able to administer this anaesthetic confidently and without discomfort to the patient.

These days, there is really nothing to fear from dental treatments, but unfortunately, for those people with deep-seated anxieties, their responses will remain the same. They with therefore appreciate the understanding shown by the staff at Rochedale Dental and the availability of safe pain relief. Go to for further information.